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What does Pandora Papers tell us about Data Breach and Information Security?

According to the Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. She was created by the gods and was blessed by all of them. However, like the Trojan horse, she was a poisonous gift offered to the men on earth. Indeed, Pandora was given with a jar that contained all sort of evils and eventually the jar was open and all evils spread over the world.

Nowadays, the myth is mainly known as the Pandora box, resulting from various interpretations of the mythology. In an analogy to the myth, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has named their latest research the Pandora Papers and it was revealed on Sunday the 3rd October 2021.

Indeed, the ICIJ made their latest research public and leaked nearly 12M files of confidential information. It is believed that those revelations will have impact on various high-profile individuals, including well-known athletes, celebrities and even country leaders among others and uncover practices of players in the Global Business. Whether the information are true or not, this might lead to financial impact for some, but everyone concerned with the Pandora Papers will suffer from reputational damage.

What does the Pandora Papers tell us about data breaches and how do you prevent such incidents?

According to ICIJ, more than 600 journalists from 117 countries gathered nearly 12M files of highly confidential information. Compared to the previous leaks, the Pandora papers is the second biggest disclosure of data regarding offshore transactions.

Since the apparition of the first article on global business (Offshore Leaks) in 2013, there were at least 10 more data leaks that made public headlines. Below is a recap:

April 2013

Offshore Leaks

2,500,000 Files

November 2014

Lux Leaks

28,000 Files

February 2015

Swiss Leaks

60,000 Files

April 2016

Panama Papers

11,500,000 Files

September 2016

Bahamas Papers

1,300,000 Files

November 2017

Paradise Papers

13,400,000 Files

March 2018

West Africa Leaks


July 2019

Mauritius Leaks

200,000 Files

January 2020

Luanda Leaks

715,000 Files

September 2020

Fincen Files

20,000 Files

October 2021

Pandora Papers

11,900,000 Files

Data Breaches have become recurrent and all countries dealing in global business are concerned. Data Leaks are the largest form of security incident that puts confidential information on the public domain.

Without a doubt, the biggest question for many people is: how did this information leaked? Whether the method of obtaining the information is lawful or not, the result is the same. Highly sensitive information was leaked and the data breaches in the information security management system were not detected.

At Ascentrix Consulting when we talk about your information security, we look at all aspects on how to secure your confidential data whether business or personal to prevent any breaches and security incidents. We also focus on training of your staffs to make sure they understand the risks and impact of data breaches but as well as ensuring that they know how to treat confidential data. Our approach, is sustainable, building a culture of Security.

According to researchers from Stanford University, 88% of all data breach are caused by an employee’s mistake. Among the mistakes, failing to recognize phishing email remains the most common and this can lead to information being leaked to outsiders. If you want to know more about phishing, click on the link below:

If you would like to uncover the risks that can impact your confidential data and understand how we can help you to prevent such data breaches, contact us now.


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