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Pandemic, A Driving Force in 2021 Financial Crime

Ransomware gangs with zero-days and more players overall will characterize financially motivated cyberattacks next year.

Financial cybercrime in 2021 is set to evolve, researchers say, with extortion practices becoming more widespread, ransomware gangs consolidating and advanced exploits being used more effectively to target victims.

That’s according to key predictions from Kaspersky. Researchers said the drastic COVID-19-related changes to the way people live and work has changed the way financial attackers operate. The implications of these shifts for 2021 are significant. Over the past year, companies became less secure due to hastily deployed remote work solutions, researchers said. That has translated into a lack of employee training, default laptop configurations left unchanged and vulnerable remote access connections. Together these trends have opened up a myriad of new attack vectors, including targeted ransomware campaigns.

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