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How to assess the level of security of your technological tools?

Did you know that white hat hackers could help you identify loopholes in your cybersecurity system?

Opposite to black hat hackers who takes advantage of loopholes in security system to steal money, white hat hackers are honest people who help their clients in enhancing their cybersecurity system.

Generally, white hat hackers are IT professionals who are certified ethical hackers and abide strictly to lawful actions. However, both the white hat and the back hat will use the same methodologies to test your cybersecurity system.

In comparison with a classic burglar who will first identify your cameras and other security measures in your house, hackers will assess your cybersecurity measures. Then like a classic burglar, they will try to break in.

In professional cybersecurity terms, this is called a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT).

A Vulnerability Assessment is an evaluation of network devices, servers, and systems to find critical flaws and configuration issues that hackers could exploit. It's usually done on internal devices within the network, and because of its small footprint, it can be done several times each day.

A penetration test will identify the various paths that an attacker could use to break in a network. It also indicates the possible damage and further internal compromise a hacker could carry out if they get past the perimeter, in addition to the vulnerabilities.

As you figured out, both methodologies have different end goal but are complimentary. A VAPT will provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the organisation’s cybersecurity level and will allow a better defense against hostile attacks.

Unfortunately, technology evolves quickly and there is a constant need to update cybersecurity systems. It is recommended to conduct a VAPT each quarter to ensure that the system is up-to-date. Moreover, it will reassure your customers as they can transact with your organization safely, and abide with the different regulations for cybersecurity requirements.

If you feel that your organization need to conduct a VAPT, please do not hesitate to contact us. At Ascentrix consulting, we are certified ISO27001 auditors and we can provide VAPT.

If you want to know more about the consequences of a breach of data, please read more on the link below.



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