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Astonishing statistics about data usage.

It is undeniable that Information Security, Cybersecurity and Data Protection are essential for the success and businesses continuity of organsations.

One major challenge that enterprises have to consider in their data management strategy is the growing amount of data created every day.

Indeed, the volume of data generated every day is staggering and the descentralisation of information makes it even more complex to maintain a high-level security.

Here below are some astonishing statistics about data generation.

Various reports suggest that in 2016, 1.7mb of data was created every second per person and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were created every day in 2020.

In 2020, WhatsApp was the most used media for messaging, with an estimated 41,666,667 messages sent per minute.

It was estimated that 1,388,889 video/voice calls were made every minute on various Medias in 2020.

Another report suggest that 306.4 billion emails were sent per day in 2020 and that 500 million messages were tweeted daily.

A study estimated that 60% of the world population is connected to internet and at the end of 2021, 74 zettabytes of data was stored in the world. The amount of data stored will be double by 2024 to an estimated 149 zettabytes.

As more and more people use the internet, cybersecurity threats also continue to grow. Reports suggest that 230,000 new malware samples are created every day.

According to studies, 66% of the world’s total population will be connected to internet in 2023, which represent a growth of 10% annually, and Each person will have an average of 1.6 networked mobile devices and connections.

Another report suggest that 463 ZB of data will be created every day by 2025, which will increase the value of Big Data to $229.4 billion.

Based on those figures, we clearly see that the growth of data is a challenge for all organisations. Do you think that your enterprise is ready to face those challenges and assure the security of information and data protection? Contact us if you would like to structure your information security system properly.


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